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Not knowing what color suits you is a common mistake women all over the world make when purchasing lipsticks for themselves. Most women look at the range of colors available and choose a color that they find pretty to look at and don't bother trying it on to see if it suits them.

Step one of picking the perfect lipstick is always test them on the front of your hand where the skin tone matches your face. If the shop does not have testers, simply hold up the lipstick to your face and see if it suits you.

Step two of picking the perfect lipstick is always choose a matte finish. Matte finish lipsticks are better because they are beautifully pigmented and the color on your lips will be true to what you see in the tube. Also they're great for everyday use as they aren't glossy or sticky.

Step three of picking the perfect lipstick is follow the skin-lipstick chart (below)or go to your local beauty store like boots and ask them for advice on which lipstick shade would suit you.

After finding the best lipstik for you there are some steps to DIY Lipstick Tutorial

Step 1: Prepare Your Lips

Gently go over your lips with a soft toothbrush to remove any rough or loose skin. When you apply moisturizer to your face, don't forget to massage a little into your lips.

Step 2: Lip Primer

The best base for lipstick is foundation. It's full of moisturizing agents, it evens out lip color, helps lipstick stay on longer, and prevents color changes during hot weather: when lipstick gets warm, its base substances separate from its pigment, causing its color to change while you're wearing it!

Step 3: Lip Liner

If you look closely, you'll see that your lips have a natural white contour. Use this as a guide when you apply lip liner. It doesn't matter how you apply left to right, right to left, corner to center as long as you apply accurately. Your lip liner should be the exact same color as your lipstick. It's always difficult to find colors like peach, apricot and coral, but you can use an eyebrow pencil in a light, warm brown instead. Apart from defining the shape of your lips, lip liner also keeps your lipstick from feathering or ‘bleeding’. Make sure your lip liner pencil is always sharpened. That way, it will draw a more defined, longer lasting outline.

Step 4: Powder Your Lip Liner

A light dusting of powder gives lip liner extra staying power. Apply a tiny amount of loose translucent powder to a cotton pad, curl it around your middle finger, and carefully roll it over your lip liner. Make sure you don’t use too much powder, or your lip liner will appear blurred.

Step 5: Apply Lipstick

Your lipstick should cover your lip liner exactly. For best results, apply with a lip brush. It gives a more even and accurate application than directly from the tube, and helps your lipstick stay on longer. When your lips are covered, blot with a cosmetic tissue, then apply another coat and blot again: layering lip makeup makes it last longer. Blot before adding lip gloss, too.

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DIY Lipstick Tutorial

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